Horse Boarding Openings At Pagemill Pastures

Check here often for updates

The ranch has five separate pastures; one each for mares, older/laid-up horses, young horses/mares with foals, plus two for geldings. Each pasture is securely fenced, offers constant access to fresh water, and is fed according to the condition of the average horse in the herd. We also have 12' x 36' Paddocks. Board price includes stall cleaning and shavings in the box stall portion (12' x 12') and feeding two times/day.


Name Size Capacity Currently Available $ per Month
Mares PastureA 125 acre pasture with hills and trees00$330
Covered Stalls12X36 Paddock with covered 12X12 stall253$650

To inquire about any of these openings, please email the Page Mill Pastures Ranch Manger, Giselle Turchet, at or call 650-303-9940.